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when you look cute in a snapchat and they don’t reply image

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i’ve been feeling ahead of my time since 15 years of age.

Y’all don’t know my struggle

Y’all can’t match my hustle




"All the homies know not to bother him when he’s busy in the lab. Sometimes he kicks everyone out of the studio so he can play instrumentals all night long, alone. He’s been known to cut off his phone for months at a time." — Complex Magazine on Kendrick Lamar
For the Record


-Black people are the descendents of enslaved Africans

-Our ancestors are not slaves, slave is not a type of person, it’s a forced occupation

-We don’t come from slaves we come from stolen Africans

-Slavery does not define us, it is a part of our history and should be well known. But my great gramma told us her mother was a herbalist, midwife, and woman dedicated to God. She was enslaved but she was not only a slave.

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"My first-grade teacher flipped out because I wrote the word ‘audacity’ in a story,” he recalls. “I knew the word only because I heard my auntie and uncles arguing, saying, ‘You got the audacity to take my motherfucking drink and pour it out?!’ I learned all my words like that, so when I went to school it was in my head." — Kendrick Lamar (Complex, 2014)


Luv u Waka for knowing what the fuck is up